For almost 20 years we have been working and commercialising within the sector of olive's sub products, especially those generated by the production of olive's oil in oil mills.

INDUSTRIAS DE TRANSFORMACION DE ACEITES Y BIOMASAS, S.L. it's created with the goal of developing an industry dedicated to the processing of the sludge of large oil's mill's, in order to absorb the majority of the olive's oil waste generated by the oil's mills in our region, which are characterised by their huge production capacity and by generating obvious competitive advantages for the the development and goals of our project.

The process of our development starts in the 2009-2011 years, up until the end of November 2011, when our plant begins its test phase.
We have no doubt that biomass is the most economic energy both domestically, and in tertiary and industrial uses, with costs that are less than half of those of any other alternative energy. So, biomass is a renewable fuel, that doesn't contaminate and is environmentally friendly.

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Intrabisa, s.l
Industry of Oil and Biomass Processing
Road de Peraleda del Zaucejo a Monterrubio de la Serena km 2.5
06919 Peraleda del Zaucejo (Badajoz)
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